Acme Alvista offers a new meaning to living, a new philosophy to refine your day-to-day existential experience.

Acme Alvista is much more than just putting together the building blocks mechanically to offer a living unit with conventional wisdom. It’s about going way beyond the set of conventions.

Our understanding of your practical needs has made us pioneers in offering contemporary solutions. While our homes look fanciful or extravagant to meet modern needs, they are much more refined and practical than others in the league.

  • Hollow walls for Heat Insulation
  • Insulated water storage Tanks
  • Double bowl kitchen sink
  • Modular Kitchen with soft drawers
  • Data Points for Telephone and provisining for optical fiber cabling
  • Ducting for ACs and LPG Supply
  • Concealed LED lights to save energy in all rooms
  • Automatic Lights in Bathroom & Entrance
  • Remote controlled electrical switches
  • Wall hanging WC for better cleanness
  • Access Control Entry to avoid stragers
  • CCTVs at key points viewing of security gate and Common Areas
  • Videos Door
  • iluminated fountains and Splash Pool
  • Jaguar/Cera/Bath Fitings
  • Havels/Panasonic – V-Guard Electricals
  • Fully hidden TV Cabling

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